About Henna Hair Dye

Many companies call products natural, yet they have chemicals! We hope you do not let their dishonesty ruin your good judgement. Our technology is not new, in fact it is ancient going back many centuries. We have done EXTENSIVE research, well over 14,000 hours. EarthDye™ has gone a long way using techniques since the time of Cleopatra. It is permanent to semi permanent and looks very natural. 

Today you can be as smart as Cleopatra and Lucile Ball. Why fry your hair when you can pamper it and help it grow thicker and healthier? EarthDye™ Hair Dye has a lasting effect and creates happy healthy hair. Touch up your roots in a matter of minutes and you are done.

At Henna Hair Dye, we put our customers first, and we absolutely care! We have done henna for more than a decade and actually pioneered the 1 step process and the beard dye. Our henna is always fresh and always guaranteed. So many brands on the market do not work or work poorly, or they have chemicals unknowingly.  We pride ourselves for the best henna hair dye on the market hands down. We are consistent and we are persistent with the absolute best product money can buy. So many people thank us after they have tried numerous other brands that did not work. We are always happy to help and educate, it is what we do. If you for some reason are not happy with your purchase we offer a 30 day 100% money back guarantee - No restocking fees or hidden refund process. 

We also answer emails quickly even on the weekend and after hours. If you call us and we do not answer it is after hours OR we are helping another customer.
We absolutely do return phone calls, even on the weekends. We care hands down and will bend over backwards and jump though hoops to give you service that will knock your socks off!

Looking for a natural beard dye?