How To Apply Henna Hair Dye

With endless videos and text on YouTube, blogs, social media and countless internet sites, how do you know who is or who is not correct? For some they never found the correct answer, for others they found this site. I can promise you this site has the latest professional answers when it comes to dying your hair with henna. What makes this site different?  The fact that we have bust henna hair dye myths and have mixed hair dye thousands and thousands of different ways.  I am a professional, not a rookie.  I busted every single myth I could possibly bust and found quicker faster and more reliable ways to mix and apply your dye, and now I am going to share that with you. Please remember this is easy and do not panic! Once you learn it is super simple!


To this day, nearly 12 years later, We are still doing research on how and what to do to make the application process easier, more effective and less time consuming. We are still learning more and more each day. If you have ANY suggestions, please let us know

Tools needed:

  • Hair dye brush 

  • Shower cap if needed

  • Gloves 

  • Mixing bowl

  • Whisk 

"I do my wife's hair, and it only takes me 10 minutes to put it on! It is very easy and only seems to be scary. She has bra length hair."

Hair Preparation

First and most important is doing hair prep correctly. Not doing so can result in poor results or worse, it not working at all. I  see YouTube after You Tube with false or incorrect information. I have helped thousands and thousands of men, women and teens with their hair and beards. It is very easy to do!

Step 1.

Wash your hair 2 times with a clarifying or oil free shampoo (no conditioner). Herbal essence is a great choice. If you have ever read the ingredients in shampoo you will see finding one without oil is almost impossible. If you have ever used oils or leave in conditioners ,shampoo very good! Oils block the hair and keep the dye from connecting to your hair or beard. (See my article on "how to apply henna to your beard")
Step 2.  Mix enough powder with lukewarm tap water to cover hair completely, adding a small amount of water at a time until it is a pudding consistency.

Step 3.  Apply to hair starting from front left working across to right in layers. Then work in layers down the back, folding hair up as you work your way down. Make sure to cover the hair completely, you can cover with shower cap (breathable is best) if you have long hair. Leave on 1 hour and rinse until water runs clear.

Step 4. Shampoo 24-48 hours later. Longer can result in oxidized color. You can use conditioner at this time.

Once you rinse your hair, you might see red, brown, blue, green or even purple. Do not panic! This is natural! Browns especially. Overnight they will turn to the color you applied.  The great thing is you can use henna hair dye as often as you like and mix any of the colors to create more colors. With brands like EarthDye, you can use it on chemical treated hair dye immediately or go back to chemical dye.