Black Henna Hair Dye

One of the biggest challenges in my 12-year henna hair dye experience is a 1 step black henna hair dye. We also have a new 1 step soft black.

Black usually consist of a 2-step process more many, yet some can achieve it with a 1 step process. There is a lot of 1 step pre-packaged blacks on the market made of henna and indigo, however they come out light or do not stay in the hair or beard.

Henna is one color, red orange, depending on its lawsone content it does vary in different shades. Low lawsone content results in poor quality henna that hardly works at all or started as a high content and then slowly went bad when exposed to air or sun.


Indigo has very large molecules and henna 100 times smaller, this is why henna adheres to just about anything and indigo does not. You never see indigo tattoos, only henna tattoos. Indigo will stain the palm of the hand for a few days, but nothing like henna. Neither henna or indigo will stain the facial skin over night. The face produces oil very quickly keeping this from happening


Indigo alone on most is usually not enough, it either washes out to easily if it stains at all.  This is where henna comes in. Indigo clings to henna and converts it to a black color. Therefore the 2-step process works better than any other. People with very porous hair, not a problem, people with not so porous hair seem to struggle. I have many tips to help keep the indigo in and last longer. You can learn how to get black henna hair dye 3 different ways. Not only can I show you how, I have also finally found a 1 step soft black. My goal is and always has been to create a 1 step that is extra conditioning, colors and last. Let’s face it, we are very busy these days and taking 3 hours to do your hair is no fun.

I have talked to thousands of people doing the 2 step black, and the answer is always the same: “ I wish I did not have to do a 2 step”.


How to get jet black henna hair dye 3 different ways