Cassia Obovata

100% All Natural (No additives)

Cassia Obovata is a large flowering plant and has nothing to do with henna, although sometimes called neutral henna. Cassia Obovata by EarthDye is the freshest on the planet and the best priced. Freshness is crucial to it working well. If you have dark hair or a light brown you will never see colors, but you will feel the benefits! If you have blond hair or blond graying hair, the cassia obovata will help you keep that blond color. Mix with enough warm water to achieve a pudding like texture and leave it on up to 60 minutes. Do longer for more golden color. Rinse and shampoo. You will notice effects immediately. Use as often as you like and repeat monthly for best results

Ideal for:

  • Chemically treated hair

  • Dry damaged hair

  • Split ends and hair growth

  • For blond or gray hair to help restore natural golden color

  • Thin hair

  • Hair shine

  • Adds no color to dark hair

  • Adds slight color to blond or gray hair

100% All natural Cassia Obovata

You can do a lot of things with Senna! You can use it as a facial mask, hair conditioner or a hair color.


To use as a face mask, mix two tablespoons with water to make a thick paste. Apply a thin layer to face and rinse 10-30 minutes later.

Hair Conditioner

Mix with enough warm water to achieve a pudding consistency. Apply immediately to to hair, rinse after 30-60 minutes. Apply as often as you like! Enjoy your beautiful hair!

Natural Blond Gold Color

Mix with enough warm water to get a pudding thickness and let sit out over night ( 10-12 hours). Apply in layers exactly like you would with henna for hair. Apply thick all the way to base of head (scalp). Cover with breathable shower cap, DO NOT PUT UNDER HEAT. Leave on 3 hours and rinse. Do not shampoo hair for 24 hours (you can use a cream conditioner).

To Get Strawberry Blond

To get a strawberry blond color add 10% Henna to the cassia obovata. The more henna you add the more red it will be.