Frequent Henna Hair Dye Questions

Shockingly most henna on the market is expired and old. We spent years testing over 200 crops of henna and indigo in India, Pakistan, China, Yemen and Egypt. Many over harvest crops and many have malnourished soil. We use only fresh crops and use a 2 seal process that locks out air and UV light. Once our package is opened, store in a cool area out of light and it is good for 12-15 months. Unopened it is good for 5 years.

Does your henna dye have chemicals in it?

NO - We work with thousands of cancer patients and people who have been burned by chemical hair and beard dye. This would go against all our beliefs and would defeat the purpose of our mission.
There is over 680,000 salons in the USA alone! Now calculate in corner store sales! Putting it mildly, the hair dye industry is a 10-billion-dollar industry. The average hair dye cost $10.00, so for those of you who do not have a calculator that will go that high, 10 billion divided by 10 is 1 billion people dying their hair a year! Think that might have an impact on our beautiful planet? The best part is big box companies advertising their dye is “natural” or low chemical. This is degrading to the humane race. Using our dye is super easy and leaves such a tiny print. If you don’t do henna hair dye because you are want to stay healthy, do it because you want your children’s, children’s, children’s, children to be able to enjoy this big beautiful blue planet as well.


The entire process takes 45-50 minutes on Average. People using natural red (pure henna) or strawberry blond can get away with as little as 20 minutes. We recommend leaving the dye on your hair for 1 hour, and then the next time try 5-10 minutes less until you get to a minimum dye point. We have some people that can get away with as little as 20 minutes for colors like brown. Average time is 45.


Does it work on gray hair?

Yes :) That is why Cleopatra used it back in the day. Everyone thought she was a goddess, and we agree! Henna hair dye was used back in the 1700's and 1800's as well. You use to be able to get a hair dye and a bath for less than a quarter and have enough left over for a meal and the nickel pinball machine.


Can I lighten my hair with henna hair dye?

Sorry, because we do not have chemicals it will not make your hair lighter. So, if you have dark brown hair and use light brown, you will not see a change. However, our dyes conform to your color. For example, if you have light brown hair, you do not have to worry about which shade of light brown, it will even it out to the same color. If it is not dark enough after 48 hours you can apply it again and maintain that depth of color.


As we all say, "better late than never!" You can use our hair and beard dye as soon as you can get your hands on it, and you can use it as often as you like. If you ever have a crazy notion to go back to chemicals, 1. Shame on you! 2. Go for it, you can always go back to destroying your hair and the planet. Keep in mind if you are using a dark color and want to go blond (and this goes for any chemical hair dye) you might have to do it a few times to get to blond.
Yes in most cases. Especially purple, blacks, browns and natural reds. When we say permanent we do not mean your new roots coming in. Fading varies from person to person, so make sure to get a root touch up brush. It makes it easy and is re-usable. Instead of doing your entire head each month, focus on the roots and then when it starts to fade, do your entire head.
This is EXTREMILY important to us. If you are not happy, we are not happy. We treat those as we want to be treated. If at any time for 30 days you are not happy, let us know. If you have any product left over we will pay for its return, and refund it 100% of the purchase price, no restocking fee.
If you are on the map we ship to you. Please contact us for discounted shipping to your country. We believe everyone should have access to this henna hair dye and want to make it super easy and affordable to get in your country. Shipping usually takes 5-14 days over the boarder. Australia Post takes longer at the time being because of issues in Australia. Please remember to order ahead so you do not run out.