Henna For Covering Gray Hair

When it comes to henna hair dye, one of the number one questions I get asked is " Does it cover gray hair"? 

While some may think this is a silly question, I can absolutely say it is a very valid question. The reason they ask is because gray hair can be more difficult to dye than hair that has not grayed yet. With the majority of henna hair dye on the market being old or expired, many have had a flat or bad experience trying to dye the gray away.

How Henna Hair Dye Works on Gray

Henna works the opposite of chemical hair dyes. Chemical hair dyes actually kill and alter the protein in your hair giving you instant results. Usually what you see on the box is what you get. This is because one of the main ingredients called PPD, short for  paraphenylenediamine, a chemical used to turn black and white pictures to color. 

Henna hair dye coats the gray hair, covering the old color and protects the protein from harmful UV rays, while allowing it to breath. Companies like EarthDye™ add other natural plants that condition the hair as well as add more protection. The results are astonishing. Ever wonder why women from India have such beautiful hair?

Dull Hair

Dull gray hair? Now there is a highly effective safe way to get rid of gray dull hair naturally!

Applying henna hair dye once a month will make a dramatic difference with your hair.

Healthy hair the natural way!

Gray Hair

Gray hair is not a problem with the correct henna hair dye. EarthDye™ is formulated for that very reason. It is a safe effective and healthy alternative to covering the gray the chemical way!  It works wonders on all body hair and yes, "down below" as well! 

Damaged Hair

Henna hair dye colors, conditions and protects your hair while letting it breathe. This also helps rid split ends and dry hair.