Harvest Moon Hair And Beard Dye

 Update: Infinite Earth now owns Harvest Moon trademarks and hennahut.com

Henna Hut also know as Harvest Moon™ Hair and Beard Dye is a brand name for Henna Hut or Moondye, Inc. Henna Hut was started in 2006 by Rodney Harper in Houston Texas.  Rodney Harper stepped down from Henna Hut in January 2016 after the business was given to Jamie Harper for an undisclosed fee in a malicious divorce.

2 years later the two settled in agreement that Rodney Harper could compete, and he started EarthDye! His love and passion for helping people continues!!  Rod Helped well over 150,000 people and was dedicated to Harvest Moon. He built every website, typos and all. almost 30 websites to be exact. He spent 7 days a week working and helping people. It was not until after 5 years Rod even took a weekend off. He started something no one ever had. He pioneered the beard dye and and the one step henna hair dye application.

It was not until after talking to several hundred companies in India that he found one that believed in him and agreed to package it into 1 package. To this day his mixing and applying are the standard of the industry. His directions are still copied to this day.

“Walking away from Henna Hut was a real blow, 10 years of research and testing gone- it felt like blood leaving my body. I put my heart and soul into Harvest Moon and its customers! When I was there I made sure each and every customer was helped and understood how it worked and what to expect”. I spent all day and night working on it and helped people through the weekend.

Henna Hut had 1 main focus: Natural hair dye also known as henna hair dye. Over the years more products where added, like henna shampoo, aloe vera shampoo and conditioners, face masks, wrinkle creams, soaps and more. Now I focus on one thing and one thing only- henna hair dye. He will be adding more as EarthDye grows, including goats milk soap bars.  I was so devastated when I lost Henna Hut I lost 60 lbs, If you cant trust your wife WHO CAN YOU TRUST?

Please note all of EarthDye is made the same way it was made prior to Rod Harper leaving Henna Hut in 2016. On top of that he has added new colors, a 1 step soft black that is making headlines. My goal was and still is to proved people with the absolute best chemical free hair and beard dye money can buy. We all need a simple fast solution that is not going to melt or burn our scalps and faces.

Switch to EarthDye today and you can count on Rod Harper to deliver. So many are finding me and so making are happy they did.

We answer the phones, emails and Facebook. I care and I am here to help. I know many of you got burned by Henna Hut. Let me know if that is the case. I have had a few say they are reaching out to the district attorney in Texas. I have heard many complaints in the past month. If this is the case contact your credit card provider or Pay Pay Immediately.


Henna Hut  had 12 to 13 colors and 2 categories:

Men’s Natural Beard Dye and All-Natural Henna Hair Dye

Harvest Moon Natural Hair And Beard Dye consist of:

Harvest Moon Light Brown Beard Dye

Harvest Moon Brown Hair and Beard Dye

Harvest Moon Dark Brown Hair and Beard Dye

Harvest Moon Strawberry Blond Hair and Beard Dye

Harvest Moon Black Hair and Beard Dye

Harvest Moon Natural Red Hair and Beard Dye

Harvest Moon Red Hair and Beard Dye

Harvest Moon Deep Red Hair and Beard Dye

Harvest Moon Mahogany Hair and Beard Dye

Harvest Moon Burgundy Hair and Beard Dye

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