Harvest Moon Dark Brown Hair And Beard Dye

Harvest Moon™ Hair and Beard Dye is a brand name for Henna Hut or Moondye, Inc. Henna Hut was started in 2006 by Rodney Harper in Houston Texas.  Rodney Harper stepped down from Henna Hut, Moondye, Inc, in January 2016 after the business was given to Jamie Harper for an undisclosed fee in a mutual divorce.

2 years later the two settled in agreement that Rodney Harper could compete and he started EarthDye. His love and passion for helping people continues!!  

If you have had any issues with Henna Hut, I sincerely apologize.  We have plenty of Dark Brown in stock! It is the same formula I made when I was the CEO of Henna Hut.

If you have a Henna Hut Complaint(s) please let us know.

Henna Hut continues to use the email Rod@hennahut.com and still continues to use Rodney Harper on the customer service page. Rodney Harper is not associated in any way.

We are hearing a large number of complaints and I am very sorry so many are having issues. 

UPDATE: Infinite Earth now owns the Harvest Moon trademark

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