Natural Henna Hair Care

Make peace with your hair the easy way! Salon treatments from home for a fraction of the price! Women and men from India to Egypt all have beautiful hair for one reason. They use all natural products on their hair. 90 year old women have hair of a 25 year old simply because they take care of there hair as they do their teeth, skin and body.

Different natural products to consider adding to your hair care regimen:


  • Amla gives you shine and curl.

  • Cassia Obovata helps treat dry and damaged hair that has been chemically treated.

  • Multani Mitty makes your hair bouncy and manageable.

  • Shikakai is a tiny plant with a big fruit! Strengthen your roots and hair for less breaks.

  • They all come in powder form with easy mixing instructions.

  • Pure henna powder is extra conditioning and instantly helps repair hair damaged from chemical hair dye and sun damage.