Harvest Moon Natural Red Hair Dye

Update: Infinite Earth now owns Harvest Moon trademark and hennahut.com

Harvest Moon red hair and beard dye is a one step process that looks great over light colored hair. Using it on dark colored hair does not provide much color unless in the sun. You must consistently test new crops as they come in, this is very important to keeping the quality at its highest standards. Rod Harper stepped down from Henna Hut in 2016 and started EarthDye and plans on keeping that way. More and more companies are selling natural hair dye and they do not understand what goes into creating the perfect product. It took years of research and quality plants that are not commercially grown and harvested 2 times a year. “I hear so many complaints of henna hair dye not working says Rod Harper”. If you do not sell it in 2-4 years, you must refresh your inventory.  Bad dye is bad for business and the worst part this adds to the frustration of people trying to color their hair naturally. Betty Thompson had lost all hope she would be able to look younger after having a severe reaction to chemical hair dye that landed her a trip to the E.R. She said after this experience she began her search online to find a chemical free hair dye and the first 5 she found had no or little results.

She found Henna Hut in 2014 and was happy to find a natural dye that did not make her sick.  “After using Harvest Moon red henna hair dye for 3 years she was over the moon how happy her hair was and how natural it looked, then in 2017 she was back to where she started after her daughter had ordered some for her and her mother”. Suddenly Harvest Moon was not working.  Betty called and after the 5th time she did research and found out Rod Harper the original founder lost the company in a divorce. Betty said "I knew something had changed!" No one answers the phones or emails and it was obvious the product changed.  Determined not to give up, she found Rod Harper had started EarthDye and once again found hope. She said “nothing is more frustrating than telling people and family about your discovery and then it stops working”.  "Thank goodness for people that actually care and thank goodness for EarthDye."

Thank you Betty! Glad you found us and glad to have you as a customer again!