Lighten Hair Naturally

Lighten Hair Naturally


How To Lighten Your Hair Naturally
Tired of having dark hair? Or do you want to remove henna from your hair? You can lighten in naturally without harsh chemicals. Everyone knows chemicals are not good for you nor the environment.
Not to mention that you have most of the items needed right in your own kitchen.

Fresh Squeezed Lemon Juice
The first and one that most people have heard of is lemon juice. The acid in the lemon juice will bleach the pigment in the hair making it lighter. You will need the assistance of the sun as well. Do not use lemon from concentrate. It has preservatives and will not work nearly as well. Always squeeze your own lemon. Simply squeeze a fresh lemon in water and spritz on in the sun. Lemon is NOT good for your hair and will more than likely cause split ends and dry your hair.
Do not use oil in your hair either, it does the same thing as lemon. Oil will make your natural oil stop producing and strip the good oil and leave you hair that is even dryer than what you started with. Use a natural shampoo without preservatives for damaged hair and scalp.

Honey is not just for desert these days. The natural sweetener that packs an awesome sweet sensation to the taste buds is also used to lighten hair. Honey can make sauces thicker while enhancing flavor and when mixed with water or lemon it will lighten your hair. Honey has peroxide in it, but only in small doses.
Expect to have it on your hair for several hours at a time and you will need to do it over several days. Use a shower cap to stop the honey from running onto your clothes. Make sure you only mix a small amount of water or lemon, you do not want it to runny.
Shampoo your hair and leave it damp for an easy application.
Leaving honey in your hair for 30 minutes is an OK conditioner, however left on for long times is not so great for it. Honey contains acid like lemon and if left on to long it can damage it as well as give you split ends.
Did you know a table spoon of honey has up to 18 grams of carbohydrates? It’s great for cooking, but not so great for infants, it can make them sick.

Chamomile has many anti-inflammatories if applied directly to the skin. It can also lighten your hair if left on for long periods of time.
Boil it up, add several packs, then cool it down, mix it into some honey or Harvest Moon All-Natural Hair Conditioner, apply and leave it on several hours. It can lighten it several shades over a period of time. Everyone’s hair differs. Chamomile looks like a daisy and remember not all chamomile has chamomile! So, look at the ingredients.
Why not sooth the nerves and get the digestive track back on track lighten your hair!
Did you know chamomile even helps reduce swollen hemorrhoids? Not the greatest topic we know, however it’s not just for drinking these days!
Keep in mind it only works if applied topically.


New research is showing that cinnamon is a great way to lower blood pressure. We love this news; some research has also showed that cinnamon will help lighten your hair. Cinnamon might irritate your skin but should not for long. Mix 3-4 table spoons in with honey or all-natural hair Conditioner to make a thick paste. Apply to hair for several hours (4-12 hours) and your hair should lighten a few shades. Do it as often as you like to make your hair lighter.