Natural Henna Hair Dye

Stop Shedding, Breakage, and Thinning


The classic signs of long term or even short term chemical hair dyes. One of the biggest reasons people want to get off the harsh chemicals is because balding -thinning hair, extreme breakage, leading to shorter and shorter hair because of massive split ends from dry and brittle hair.

Shedding is normal with women; however extreme shedding can be from chemically damaged hair and of course stress.  It is normal to see hair in the drain after a shower, but if you are literally pulling out clumps of hair otherwise, then the chemicals could be your worst enemy.

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Nasty Reactions To Chemical Hair Dye

Then we have the major signs chemicals are not for you: blisters, rash, shortness of breath, not being able to swallow. Many cases are misdiagnosed for shingles or other illnesses. Once you have a chemical reaction there usually is not turning back.

EarthDye is made of plants that not only color, they Also condition while you do your hair or beard. You can absolutely get your hair back in tip top shape, just remember it will take time.

  • Rid Split Ends

  • Repair Damaged Hair

  • Stop Balding and Thinning

  • Stop Breakage


Henna hair dye is affordable, easy and last as long if not longer than chemical hair dye, so you have no excuse! Start today and you will be glad you did tomorrow! We hear it time after time “I wish I would have used it sooner!”

Be  A Goddess Like Cleopatra

Henna for hair dye has been around for thousands of years. It is a safe alternative to chemical hair dyes for men and women on all areas that hair grows. Most vendors claim their  henna is ammonia, peroxide and PPD free. We have found that is not always the case. EarthDye is. It is made from 100% natural plants and clay. The majority of people that are allergic to chemical hair dyes have no adverse reaction to henna or indigo. We hear endless stories of people having allergic reactions to chemical hair dye and most are not aware that having tattoos increases the odds of having an allergic reaction. It even says it on most boxes.


EarthDye Matters

Cruelty free, it actually bonds to the protein of the hair, rather than kill it and alter the color. This a great way to condition your hair as it blocks UV rays, makes hair thicker and shinier and helps rid split ends.
It almost works like wax does to a car. The only down fall is you cannot go blond.  You can use henna as often as you like, however if you are not using a red or black, then you will want to do root touch up as your roots natural color grows back in. If you do your whole head with light brown over and over it will get darker and darker. You can mix any of the colors together to get any color. Our hair dye may stain the skin, but it will ONLY be for a few hours or maybe over night. Your face naturally produces oil so it will not last on the face.  You can use it to dye your eyebrows, sideburns, facial hair and head. It is a safe effective alternative to chemicals. After proper prep, mixing and application, a shower cap with a few small holes in the top for air flow can be placed over head to protect clothing.  Only mix with water unless you are using pure henna or reds. Reds and pure henna can be mixed with Shelly oil and a fresh squeezed lemon to bring out reds.
Henna and fresh indigo have been used since the Early Dynastic Period era 4500 years ago.

EarthDye is Permanent and Semi Permanent

It works on 99% of the people that try it. On the few that to not achieve results, usually proper directions were not followed.  Always do a strand test when using any hair dye products. 

Chemical hair dye is not good for your hair, it damages hair and over time it can become brittle and even cause hair loss. EarthDye Hair Dye™ is the opposite. It conditions the hair and leaves it soft shiny and manageable. Our customers are so very important to us that we test our henna on ourselves to insure we have the best quality and a consistent product. We offer a 100% money back guarantee and we know you will love our henna/indigo products. Most our hair dye is permanent and some it can be semi permanent. Make sure you get to know how it reacts to your hair. If you are using dark brown, it might be difficult to go lighter later. You can in fact go back to bleach blond if you want, but like any dark brown chemical or not, it will take a few attempts more than likely.

Healthy Hair Dye

EarthDye is safe, inexpensive, reliable and flat out good for you, your hair and the environment. The first time you use it may be a bit awkward, but once you get used to it you will never return to chemical hair dye! Your hair will thank you for it and people will notice the difference.

No Chemicals Means It Will Not Go Lighter

EarthDye will only go equal or darker to the color you have, so if you are looking for blond henna hair dye, sorry this is not for you. EarthDye will leave your hair so soft and shiny you will fall in love the first time. You only need to leave the dye on for an hour or less. Our dye is a semi/permanent hair dye that will grow out and fade over time. For best results, dye your hair and give it 48 hours to see the final results. It gets darker over night, so do not be alarmed if it does not look the final color at first. The great news is you can use it as often as you like. No chemicals means no limits. 

If you have chemically dyed or altered your hair, used hair relaxer or other products of similar chemicals , it is best to wait a few days before using henna on the hair. The more you use it the less you will see split ends and damaged hair, as your proteins get repaired the less split ends as well.. Remember hair grows slow, so it will take time for your "fried" hair to grow out. You can strand test your hair if you  are unsure of the color you choose.  During a strand test you will notice if the henna bonds with the proteins in your hair and makes it softer as soon as you shampoo it..

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How long to leave on? We recommend no longer than one hour when using EarthDye. In some cases you may need up to 2 hours, but is not recommended for any colors other than reds or black. The more you use all natural hair dye the happier your hair will be and the more you will love it! It will not stain your clothes and should wash out of most fabrics, but you might want to use a towel for the floor and clothes.

How Chemical Hair Dye Works

Chemical hair dye kills the protein in your hair and alters the color, EarthDye “covers” the hair strand by bonding to the proteins of your hair, covering it and protecting it, it even blocks UV rays. 

Chemical hair dye damages the hair from the first time you apply it. Do not wait to make the switch today, it is easy to apply and is environmentally safe. It takes no more time to apply our dye than it does chemicals. Look and feel better, order your henna today!