One Step Henna Hair Dye

If you have used henna or know anything about it, some brands can be down right time consuming. The benefits are overwhelming however natural hair dye should not be that difficult. That is where we come in.Research and More Research, Rod Harper has contributed more than 10,000 hours of research.

Learning about henna hair dye color is by far a very expanded topic and extremely controversial. In the 90's and  2000's you basically had to mix it yourself and hope for the best,  The problem was it was to much guessing and a lot of work. Not only did it takes a week to get it, it took several ours to perform and the results ended with red,brown or black.

We removed all the guessing

With thousands of henna hair dye myths, how do you know who is telling the truth?  

That is where we come in, Henna hair has over 12 years of research and development. We changed the way people dye their hair - forever. We set the standard for today's henna hair color experience and results. We busted all the myths by trying them on ourselves and still testing them to this day... on our selves. Not only do we try them on our selves, but we listen to what our customers are saying. We have sold several hundred thousands packs and growing to this day and our number one priority is helping people get off the chemicals that are destroying their hair (not to mention livers and skin) and importantly our environment. Dye It Fast and Enjoy Your Life - EarthDye™ Fast Step

EarthDye™ is the fastest All natural henna hair dye money can buy. We tested over 200 crops around the globe to find the freshest henna on the planet. It was painful, expensive and took a lot of time and research. EarthDye's looking out for you. With Earthdye you simply mix and apply to clean dry or damp hair. All colors are ready immediately to apply, 

  • No pealing the brick

  • No boiling or microwaving

  • No mixing with tea or coffee (or whatever else)

  • No letting it set out over night

  • No leaving it on your hair for 3 plus hours.

  • No staining your face or skin, just the hair

See our henna hair dye application instructions 


Men and Women Need a Fast and Effective solution- Naturally

Men really take the blunt end after they get burned my chemical hair dye. Facial hair is the fastest growing hair on the body, which means they have to dye the facial hair more often than women have to dye their hair,  Knowing that you have a chemical free hair dye that works fast is extremely important.  Another great point is EarthDye has a shelf year of 4 -5 years and once opened has a year. Chemical hair dye (if you do not get burned) is used in 1 application, men can dye their beard for less than 50 cents.

Women on the other hand usually have much more hair to dye and require more dye. With EarthDye, not only is it more permanent, you only need to focus on new root growth after your first application, With the use of our extremely inexpensive reusable application brush and application kit, it is a snap to touch up those pesky roots. As the hair fades over time you can do the entire head. Another awesome plus with EarthDye's henna hair dye is you can use it as often as you like and if you just got off the chemicals, you do not have to wait to use it, you can start immediately with out worries of bad reactions.