Can I Use Hair Dye While Pregnant?

When it comes to being pregnant and using hair dye it is amazing how fast you can change your healthy views and what you put in your body. After all, you are sharing everything you eat with your child. But who ever things about what they put on their skin?

In recent polls 7 out of 10 women were concerned about using chemical hair dye. They either looked for a natural hair dye solution or stopped dying their hair completely. It's no secret, you say it all over twitter and Facebook " My mom will not let me dye my hair!".  The fact is moms know it is not good for them or their children. I really think we all know it in the back of our heads, however no one has ever challenged it and brought to anyone's attention. out of sight, out of mind.

That all changes when you are eating for two. The great news is most henna hair dyes are chemical free and safe for the family and the environment. he is still used to this day in India for rituals and art on the woman's belly once she reaches third trimester or close to week 28. It is also used for wedding ceremonies.



If you are pregnant and considering banning chemicals you have made a wise decision. The safety of chemical hair dye products has been debated for years and recent studies show ties (with no proven connection) that chemical hair dye effects the liver and might have to do with breast cancer.

When in doubt, do with out!


Chemical Hair Dye Later In Life

Using chemical hair dye might not effect you in the beginning, but rest assured it will over the years. Using chemical hair dye not only makes your hair brittle and promote spit ends, it also promotes gray hair! That's right the more you use it the more you need it. Sadly some women and men start using chekical hair dye at a very young age, after all being popular and cool has always been the "in" thing to do. 

The thing that really gets to me is women often ask "is henna hair dye safe to use while being pregnant?" My answer is always yes, as long as it does not have chemical hair dyes. The one thing that gets me is what about adter the child is born? I would think the mother wants to be healthy for the child as they grow up as well. Henna for the hair is a simple and natural way to make your hair look like it was when you where 25, so don't just stop after you have your baby. The big plus on this is the planet your children and grandchildren live on will appreciate what you have done to make it a better palce for them and the rest of us. 

Chemical hair dye is not regulated and with more than 680,000 salons in the USA alone, washing it down the drain should not be allowed. 

Similar chemicals used for dry cleaning are regulated and only make up about 36,000 businesses in the USA, so why them and not salons?