Shikakai Powder

 Are you longing to give your hair a vibrant glow that incorporates softness and deep cleansing? Do you wish for natural beauty that comes from natural components while saving money and time ? Your wish is granted with what EarthDye™ Shikakai Powder has to offer.Shikakai plants originated from India and from the waterless sections of Burma (Myanmar), and later, Central Asia the Far East. The plants were mainly used in the ancient Indian times as shampoo and detergent because of the substance contained within known as ‘saponin.’ Saponin is a cleansing element that has lathering quality. It is found in some trees and plants and it greatly works as a cleanser with exceptional softening features.

A Tiny Plant With A BIG Fruit

The shikakai plant is small, however, it contains a large fruit shell. In the early civilization where detergents were still far from being discovered, the fruit shell alone would be crushed and mixed with water to produce a substance that people used for maintaining the luster of their hair. Eventually, all the other parts of the shikakai plant have proven to be useful for the rejuvenation of the hair, hence, the innovation from EarthDye™. EarthDye™ Shikakai Powder is a combination of the pounded fruit shell, leaves, and trunk of the shikakai plant. EarthDye™ made the main function of shikaki powder to concentrate on the invigoration of the hair and in the maintenance of the scalp’s cleanliness and health.

Fruit of the Hair

The word “shikakai” is a direct and literal Indian translation that means “fruit of the hair.” Since it is a product of natural evolution, it is therefore more beneficial to people as contrasted to those chemical-filled shampoo available in the market. Being organic serves as a robust springboard for providing its users benefits beyond compare. EarthDye™ Shikakai is ideal for:

  • Hair breakages and damages.

  • Pre-balding.

  • Dry Hair

  • Dandruff.

  • It is friendly to the budget because it also acts as a detangler to the hair so hair conditioner is no longer necessary.

How to Use Shikakai Powder

Combine Shikakai Powder with warm water until you reach a paste consistency. Apply a reasonable amount into the hair and onto the scalp. Stroke the hair strands and massage the scalp to distribute the paste evenly. Wait for ten to fifteen minutes before rinsing. Dry the hair and feel its stimulating freshness.

Mix Shikakai With Henna Hiar Dye

In a hurry? Mix 1 part shikakai in with your henna hair dye to get amazing conditioning results!  It might even lighten the henna hair dye a small amount, so do a test patch area first. EarthDye™ has shikakia already mixed in, however a little extra will give you extra shine and super soft happy hair.