Henna Hair Dye Support


We offer full support for EarthDye™ henna hair dye. Please read over this page and see if anything makes sense. Most never have any issues but some do. If you are new to using henna on your hair, this is a great place to start. Also feel free to call us. If you get our voicemail, be sure to leave a message, we take a lot of orders over the phone and will call you back. Even on weekends.


We get a lot of people asking or comparing our henna hair dye to other companies or asking why the other companies did not work. We want to set the record straight! Henna for hair sometimes gets a bad rap and this is mostly due to many companies not educating people correctly and selling outdated henna/indigo or just decide to get in the business and copy other people’s instructions. They also state “organic” on the label. These are all violations of the FDA.


Any food/cosmetic that is grown in other countries, by a separate company cannot state the henna is organic on the label “even if it is”.  The only people that can state this are the people growing it and the people that pay to have it certified organic. If it is grown in another country it cannot be certified in the USA, accept by great extremes and licenses. If you see organic on a label, simply ask to see their organic certification.



We do not mind helping people that are having issues with other company henna hair dye. We are on a mission for the people and the planet.

Do not assume the below do’s and dont's apply to all other brands, these are the recommendations of EarthDye henna hair dye ONLY. Always follow the package instructions on the package you bought from whom you bought. The internet can be very misleading and deceitful. We are here to educate and help people that want and need it.

Our henna hair colors work fast simply because we use private crops that are harvested 1 time a year.  We had to search 5 different countries and over 200 crops to find the absolute best. We love what we do and we are proud to help anyone anytime.

99.9% of our customers never have issues! How ever if you do,please see the list of dos and dont's.  Keep in mind we have new and updated instructions making it even easier than last year, we continue to do research in the hopes of improvement.

our henna hair dye is super easy to apply. The more you do it, the easier it is. People on the internet can make it seem harder than what it is.

List of Do’s

  • Do a strand test! You want to make sure the color is what color you want. Test a small area flowing the instructions. Give it 24 hours. We said this twice for a reason.
    You can use EarthDye as often as you like. 0 chemicals, lots of natural conditioners.

  • Do wash your hair twice with shampoo only before applying Harvest Moon hair dye. If you have used oils in your hair with in 2 weeks wash it 3 times. Oils stay in the hair a long time.

  • Do use a tooth brush or beard brush with soft soap to clean your beard, side burns, hair lines or eyebrows before applying. A soft brush with shampoo does wonders.

  • Do a strand before doing your whole head or beard, give it 24 hours. Keep in mind you can use EarthDye as often as you like, however some people it gets darker over a 24-hour period. If it does not look dark enough in the beginning, it will get darker. If you see red, blue, green at first on white hairs DO NOT PANIC! It will turn to the color you are trying to achieve.

  • Do follow our directions on the packet or paper that came with the shipment.

  • Do wash your hair within 48 hours after you rinse out the dye.

  • Do root touch ups to maintain same hair color. If you are doing red or black you can do the whole head all over. Some colors will get darker and darker the more you apply. We have a kit just for this and it is cheap!

  • Do mix any of the colors to create more colors.

  • Do call us or email us if you need help or have questions!


Do Not Do

  1. Do not use a leave in conditioners. It coats and suffocates your hair and strips the dye (chemical or non-chemical), stops natural oils and keeps it from working as well, wash out conditioner is ok after 48 hours.

  2. Do not use oil treatments. It stops your natural oil production and creates a vicious cycle. It clogs your pores and strips the dye and is extremely hard to get out of the pores of the hair shaft. Oils will strip browns leaving reds (chemical or non-chemical)

  3. Do not mix in any other ingredients UNLESS otherwise advised by an EarthDye Specialist or know what you are doing. Especially Oil in Indigo (browns). Lemon and Indigo cancel indigo.

  4. Do not use bottled water, distilled water or any water from any source other than your faucet. Well water is fine, however distilled water can create purple. Alcohol will do the same.

  5. Do not let the hair dye set on the counter for long periods of time before applying accept red orange. Our henna hair dye is super fresh, no need to let it set out. Not all henna is created equal! No more than 1 hour, but recommended is with in 15 minutes after mixing.
    The color of the dye may look different colors, do not judge the color of the powder or mixed product, it will not decide the color of your hair. Do not worry about the color of the powder. Henna can be very green sometimes and come out very red. 

  6. Do not use hair straighteners hot irons, or chemical hair straighteners. It really damages the hair! It’s a 10-hair straightener will turn your hair green!

  7. Do not use alcohol products. Aftershave, drinking alcohol, distilled water; hair products with alcohol (not all but some) can cause your hair to turn purple. Be careful chugging your favorite brew ha!

  8. Do not use products with high salt (sodium)! Dandruff shampoo are high in sodium sulfates, salt water pools (chlorine pools are OK), water softeners leaking into water line (also bad for your health). This happens if you turn on water in your house while your system is cycling. Set it to cycle at 3 am!

  9. Do not wait longer than 48 hours to wash your hair once you have rinsed it out. 24 hours is a good number. Over 48 hours can result in multi colored hair.

  10. Do not use a heater to dry your hair while the dye is on your head! After you rinse it is fine!

  11. Do not wrap your head with anything while the dye is on. Let it dry naturally. If you use a shower cap cut a hole in the top so air can get to it. We now have breathable hair nets. Lets air in, keeps henna in!

  12. Do not leave the product on for more than 2 hours! Unless otherwise told different by an EarthDye specialist. 1 hour is recommended or less. 1.5 is perfectly OK. Most can get away with 45 minutes and less. Try a shorter time each time until you find a “break point” Pure henna (natural red can be as short as 10 minutes)

  13. Do not do entire head over and over with dark colors as it will get darker and darker. Do root touch ups to maintain color and when hair fades do entire head, unless you want it to be darker.

  14. Do not freeze left over mixed products. Place unmixed powder in zip lock baggy, squeeze out air and store in a dark place (cigar box, shoe box, under counter). It will last up to 9 months. Store out of direct light.

  15. Do not apply beard dye without cleaning beard dye with toothbrush or beard brush and shampoo. Not doing so will result in beard dye not working, or poor results. Do not scrub hard with brush, this will irritate your skin and then you will think you are having a burning sensation or bad reaction.

  16. Do not apply to dirty hair. Wash hair twice just prior to application with shampoo. No conditioner until after application. Never use “leave in” conditioners. If you are on the “dye resistant” list (less than .01 %), use a soft brush with shampoo on your roots. This will help the dye cover better.

  17. Do not judge the color of the powder to the color of the dye you will achieve.

  18. Do not panic if your hair is red,green,blue or purple after applying browns. It will turn over night. The more you use it the faster it will turn.