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EarthDye Natural Deep Red Henna Hair Dye

Deep Red hair dye, works on all hair types.  Cover gray hairs naturally. All natural plant product Extremely fresh hair dye No waiting over night No boiling No leaving on hair 3 hours  Just Mix and Apply to Clean Dry or Damp Hair 1 pack will do bra length hair, 2-3...

Deep Red hair dye, works on all hair types.  Cover gray hairs naturally.

  • All natural plant product
  • Extremely fresh hair dye
  • No waiting over night
  • No boiling
  • No leaving on hair 3 hours

Just Mix and Apply to Clean Dry or Damp Hair

1 pack will do bra length hair, 2-3 short hair lengths,30 -40 goatees or 2-10 full beards.

Works on all body hair (follow same instructions for beard for eyebrows)

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100 grams EarthDye Deep Red Hair Dye

NO chemicals mean this color will not lighten your current hair color. This color will turn gray/white/silver/blonde hair to a vibrant dark cherry red shade. Any darker strands of hair will become very beautiful shades of deep red, black hair will only show in the sun.


(Lawsonia Inermis Linn, Indigofera Tinctorius, Red Kaolinite/Red Clay, Eclipta Alba, Centella Asiatica, Terminalia Chebula, Terminalia Bellirica)


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Kristin M.
Iceland Iceland
Wow wow wow!

I’ve been looking for a natural/vegan/cruelty free/yet effective red hair dye for a long time, been using henna for a couple of years (which I love!) but it’s more ginger than I’m after, I want a deeper, richer red and this is the closest I’ve found so far! Finally! I was worried that it’d be too cherry, artificial red or fire truck red on me for my taste but decided to take the chance! For reference, my natural hair colour is, i’d say a medium ash blonde, but was dyed with another henna, so a natural ginger colour. Even though I did a strand test, i was still surprised by the vibrant cherry tones of this dye, even though I was aiming for a more natural look, i was loving it - just to try it out! Made me feel more confident :) but that fades after a few weeks, which suits me great, as now (after a couple of months or less) it’s the colour i wanted! It’s still vibrant but more down to earth, and a deeper, richer red than my previous henna! For my long, super thick hair one packet was enough, which was a pleasant surprise! (I can save my other pack for root touch ups ;)) - It does bleed quite a lot the first month or two (only when wet of course). Only downside to such a rich dye is that my roots show much better and quicker than before, so more touch ups are required for me. So I’d definitely recommend this dye, I’m really happy with it! But always good to keep in mind that a natural colour like henna is gonna look slightly different on everyone! Hope this review can help anyone out, if I can I might add before/after pics to this review :)

Irina G.
United States United States
Worked well!

It was fairly easy, the smell of the henna is really intense and a bit disturbing... it reminded me of ayahuasca smell but like 100x more like some serious brew of it haha! But the color turned out really nice, and im happy overall with the look!

Diana Y.
United States United States
Beautiful color

Very easy to use, thanks to the detailed instructions. I am very pleased with the color, it is better than what I expected (meaning, I feared it would turn yellow or orange). The greys are completely covered, I'm looking forward to seeing how much may wash off as time goes by, hoping it will not fade. I already ordered more, right after I applied my first dye. I now believe this is a good product. I'm excited I have found a replacement, actually an improvement over the chemicals I've been putting on my head and hair for years! I wish I had tried henna long ago.

Henna Hair Dye

Thank you Diana! our dyes are so good for your hair! Just touch up as needed. It should last.

A Henna Hair Dye Customer
Deborah H.
United States United States
Deep Red is Deep auburn Brilliant Red

The product arrived promptly after easy order on the website. Used product as directed on package instructions and after 90 mins as instructed and rinse etc I have a beautiful deep red like I used to get when using henna. For years (at least 20- I’m now 40+) I have used henna to dye my medium to dark brown hair. When living in Germany I found the best henna (brilliant red) and since then I have never been able to quite achieve it. I have tried numerous here in the USA but this will now be my go-to. And only 90 mins as well! Awesome color in less time than the usual 3 hours. Thank you for your wonderful product!! I will be back for many more!

Henna Hair Dye

Thank you so much for that review, we had no idea we were even getting them! We just figured it out! It really means a lot to us!

United States United States
Great color!

I love the color and because I have short hair I can use the powder for several hair dyes. I transferred the powder into a glass jar with a lid to use later. To anyone who experiences dye bleeding, you can do an apple cider vinegar rinse after your first shampooing and it will help seal in the color. It's normal for it to want to shed from any hair that has been processed in any way over natural hair. Red is especially known for just that. I might experiment with the powder and make my own temporary tattoo for fun. If you get any dye on your skin leave an oil such as coconut oil or zum rub on it overnight and it should fade within a day or two of repeated use. Usually overnight unless it's on your fingernails which takes about 3-4 days. One more note for anyone who is wondering, you can mix this powder with a natural conditioner which will keep it from drying out in the dyeing process but it might dull the color slightly depending on what you use. I've had very little issue with that but it has happened before with other dyes. Have fun!

Henna Hair Dye

Wow! Thank you so much for the review! ACV does help especially on deep red. Also, you can rinse with cold water and that will help as well.